Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Halter Tutu Dresses

If you looking for a Halter Tutu Dress then this is the place to be Kinderbloom. At you will find the most glamorous tutu dresses. These Halter tutu dresses are handmade and are made out of soft tulle and the waist is wrapped around with satin ribbon. These dresses are good for any occasion!

This lovely " Rosebud" Halter tutu dress is a combination of hot pink/light pink tulle and centered with lovely pink rose petals. The waist is wrapped around with light satin ribbon and is also wrapped around the neck.

Your daughter will run, play and twirl around in this lovely "Rosebud " halter dress. It is perfect for any occasion.

Our next Halter Tutu Dress " Sunshine" will definitely bring a bright smile on your little princess face. The beautiful Halter dress is made out of soft tulle and wrapped around with yellow satin ribbon and also around the neck. She will definitely stand out in a crowd.

The "Rainbow" halter tutu dress is definitely for a festive occasion. Your little princess will sparkle in these lovely vibrant colors. This multi-color tutu dress is made out of soft tulle and is wrapped around the waist with a yellow satin ribbon for easy comfort and also around the neck. She will twirl around in this outfit and set a standard for all halter tutus out there.

These beautiful handmade tutu dresses come in various colors and you can always custom made your own tutu. We have a tulle color chart displayed on our website for easy selection.
Go to and let us make your little princess dream come true.

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