Monday, September 6, 2010

Halloween Whimsical Witch Tutu Dress and more Costumes!

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Well, we've added more of our new Halloween Designs for your eyes only!  See our latest new Halloween creations " The Whimsical  WitchTutu dress" Great for any little one to be fashionable on Halloween.

Visit us at KINDERBLOOM for more of our unique Halloween Costumes (Infant to Adult Tutus)
Whimsical Witch Tutu Dress
Whimsical With Tutu Dress


Anna said...

hard to be afraid of a witch that adorable! love the tutu dress~

Bobbie said...

Following you from Twittermoms...That is too cute of a costume!

Gayla Tanner said...

They're all so precious!!

I was going to comment on each one, but you don't really want half a dozen posts that say, "That's so precious! That's so sweet!" Right? lol

Michelle said...

So cute! Makes me wish (almost) that I had a little girl!

BTW, I'm from Twittermoms and I'm following you on GFC. :)